What We Offer

Welcome to Fireside of the Alliance on US Kilrogg-Winterhoof – A World of Warcraft Guild. We are always looking for new members to join and to hang out with us in dungeons, raids, and in Discord, so get in touch if you are interested!

We are proud to be a guild with a relaxed atmosphere, camaraderie, humor, and respect.  Since October 2012, members have found a place by the fire that fits in nicely with their personal, professional, and educational commitments.

Casual Members

Our schedule is incredibly reliable and simple!  Most member activity happens between 6pm and 10pm Pacific time.  We have a Casual Raiding night where we conquer mostly Normal Raid content on Wednesday nights between 7:30pm and 9:30pm Pacific with one week off per month, and an activity night occasionally on Tuesdays at 7:30pm known as “Taco Tuesday”.  There are no time commitments and you get the opportunity to build bonds with your fellow guildies during these scheduled events.  We also occasionally have events outside of these nights for parties, Challenge Dungeons, and other activities.

Semi-Hardcore Members

You have the option to join in on our occasional activity nights on Tuesdays at 7:30pm Pacific known as “Taco Tuesdays,” and you may join our optional Casual Raiding nights on Wednesdays from 7:30pm to 9:30pm Pacific on your toon or on an alt, but you also get a dedicated raiding team focused on Heroic Raid content on the weekends! For our Semi-Hardcore Members who pass an audition to be on our raiding team we have a reliable, tight-knit, and effective raid team that meets Fridays and Saturdays from 7:30pm to 10:00pm Pacific with one week off per month.

Guild Details

SERVER Kilrogg
FACTION Alliance
AGE 18+
RAID Normal + Heroic
ACTIVE Between 6:00pm + 10:00pm Pacific.
GUILD LEADERS ßehrian + Nim

What We Do

  • Hang out in Discord Voice Chat
  • Guild Activity Nights
  • Normal Raids on Wed
  • Heroic Raids on Fri/Sat
  • Level
  • Achievements
  • Battle Pets
  • Impromtu Dance Parties

What We Don’t

  • We don’t troll trade or forums
  • We do very little PVP
  • We don’t endorse breaking Blizzard’s rules
  • We don’t tolerate elitist attitudes or arrogance
  • …and we don’t do party pooping.

Reliable Schedule

We keep our schedule simple and predictable!  Fireside schedules up to 4 nights of activities per week and one week off per month. We have Normal Raiding for casual members on Wednesday, Heroic Raid Team for our semi-hardcore members on Fridays and Saturdays, and an Activity Night occasionally on Tuesdays called Taco Tuesdays.


7:30pm-9:30pm  – GUILD RAID NIGHT
1 week off per month

Invited: Everyone who meets gear requirements

Dust off that axe and polish your spaulders because tonight is the night to jump into a raid.  Wednesday nights are raiding done casually with Normal raid difficulty; anyone who meets current gear requirements can jump in and get a little bit of content down.

Fri & Sat

7:25pm-10:00pm – HEROIC RAID TEAM
1 week off per month

Invited: Team Members

At 7:25 the Heroic Raid Team groups up, jumps in Discord, and prepares for a 7:30pm pull.  The team will work on progression up until 10:00pm, but raid nights can often end slightly earlier. You must be on the team to attend.

Some Tues


Invited: Everyone who meets level requirements

Variety of flavors, maybe some cheese, and a little spice, Taco Tuesdays are filled with something along the lines of retro content, an achievement run, world boss kills, or something a little more special.  These are the irregular night when the guild has decided to do something off the beaten track.

Monthly Off Week

We schedule an Off Week once a month where we don’t schedule any activities.  This gives our members a WoW-obligation-free week where they can enjoy playing at their own pace or can just take a week off of WoW.  Our guild activity is at it’s lowest during our Monthly Off Week, but that’s okay!  We try to schedule our Monthly Off Week around the US and/or Canadian holidays and our raiders’ vacations.

Friendly Environment

Our numbers are few, but our bonds are strong. Lifelong friendships are formed at Fireside and extend beyond the game. We have devoted Officers and awesome members who make our guild a place to stay for years to come. We communicate in guild chat, in Discord, on our Facebook, and on the guild website.

Guild Atmosphere

Kindness, cooperation, support, helpfulness, and humor resonate in Fireside’s guild chat and Discord Voice Chat. We are a small guild and we take pride in having a strong, consistent community of good people. We look forward to spending time together whether we’re talking in Discord Voice Chat while pursuing our own adventures, or grouping up to conquer a raid. We avoid toxic behavior and don’t have any interest in trolling forums or trade.

Our Ideal Member

We focus on QUALITY over quantity and we want the PERSON not the toon.  We want you to bring you, your main, and your main efforts into our guild. Our ideal member is a good person looking to make some friends in World of Warcraft. Someone who is smart, modest, able to learn, and has a sense of humor. Our ideal member would also be active at the same times as we are (6:00pm-10:00pm Pacific time), over 18, and someone who would like to be in Discord Voice Chat with people on almost a daily basis.

Our Rank System

Each Leader and Officer at Fireside has a unique set of responsibilities and area of expertise to help our guild grow. Our player ranks are based on loyalty.  The more a member participates in guild activities and the longer they are with us, the higher their rank becomes.

Guild Recruitment

Fireside recruits members slowly and carefully to ensure we are bringing the best suited members into the guild. We find new members almost exclusively through referrals and forums.  We try to get our name out there by helping players who could use a hand, by responsibly participating on forums such as those on MMO Champion, and by putting videos on Youtube. We do not recruit out of global channels or trade.

Two Ways to Raid Together

Our raid setup at Fireside sets us apart; we have a night where anyone in the guild can jump in for a casual normal raid on their mains or alts.  It’s a good night to get a little gear and have fun with the rest of the guild in Discord.  We also have a Heroic Raiding Team that has a more formal raid setting focused on progression.

Casual Raiding

Wed 7:30pm-9:30pm + 1 week off per month

For our members who wish to raid casually with no time commitments we offer Normal Raid Nights (no try out required and all guildies are invited). (Guild members and prospective guild members only).

Heroic Raid Team

Fri & Sat 7:30pm-10:00pm + 1 week off per month.

For our members who wish for a more serious raiding atmosphere and who are able to commit the required time and effort we have a Heroic Raid Team (team tryouts required).


visit our wowprogress

We keep our Wowprogress.com page recruitment ad and progression as up to date as we can!

Combat Logs

view our warcraft logs

We record our Wednesday night raids and our Weekend raids to keep an eye out for trends and for clues on how we can improve.


check out our Armory

We are on the Alliance of US-Kilrogg and joined with the server Winterhoof.

Raid  Team Details

see our raid page for more details

Our raid roster is always up to date and reflects our recruiting needs.  Check out our raid page to find out what spots we have open.

We have a Youtube Channel

We use Youtube to share videos and to recruit new members. 

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