Fireside Played WoW Trivial Pursuit

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There are days where you say “World quests can fuck right off today” and days that raiding just won’t satiate your WoW cravings.  You could explore Azeroth and reminisce on the lore you’ve experienced and the journeys your favorite characters have taken, but that can get lonesome.  Enter World of Warcraft Trivial Pursuit.  We’ve got wonderful tools at the ready these days for our guilds including Discord and Twitch that make playing a board game together possible.  Upon receiving WoW TP as a gift, Frostimourne decided to bring it to the community he thought would appreciate it the most – our guild.  He rigged a very creative setup on his desk where he could stream the game board, live, whilst asking the trivial questions in Discord.  Laughs were had, memories were stirred, we realized that Frostimourne’s calling is hosting a game show, and we ended the night with a “Wedge Master, King of the Wedges.”  Thank you very much to Frostimourne for the time, effort, and thought he put into this night and to Sindelle, Krakon, Nedge, Raxnar, Justgrazing, Barbehrian, and Nim for attending the festivities.

After moving a few things around, suspending a camera on a mic stand, and adding some lighting, Frostimourne was able to set up a live stream so we could play a board game across the continent.

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