FS APP: Emille -AKA- Hannah of Norgannon

Fireside GuildGuild Applications

WHAT … Is your Name? Hannah
WHAT … Is your Quest? Normal Raiding (Open to all guildies), Heroic Raid Team (Must audition), Hanging out in Ventrilo, Achievements & Collecting, PVP
WHAT … Is your Favorite Color? Teal

Armory Link: https://worldofwarcraft.com/en-us/character/norgannon/emille
Character Name: Emille
Realm: Norgannon
Main Toon: Yes

Country: United States
Time Zone: Pacific (GMT – 8)
Gender: Female
Age: 33

Do you tend to play during our active times (6:30pm-10:30pm)?: Yes
What is your Ventrilo Setup?: Mic + Headset
How involved do you want to be with Fireside?: 4: Very Involved (I’ll drink the kool-aid)
How did you hear about Fireside?:I googled "west coast guilds over 18" lmao. no joke. I then i found this truly awesome website. and i thought "well hell, i want to sit by a fire with some cool people". (even though i live in Phoenix and am literally baking as it is).

Is there anything else you want to add?: *Note* Yes, I'm currently on a different server. Yes, if we all like eachother, I will transfer. 🙂
~~~~Prepare for wall'o'text~~~~~
I'm totally obsessed with new Wow Trivial Pursuit. lmao. I want to plaaaaay. 😛 also..i bought the Harry Potter Trivial Pursuit because…well…Harry Potter. right? Of course, I one-shot it.
Also, I'm a soccer fanatic. And a pet battle addict. I play HoTs occasionally (though i get bored easily) and LoL occasionally (though again, the boredom is real). I watch waaaaaay too much YouTube.
I'm at home all day everyday and so I'm always doing something online. Currently I'm grinding a ton of mounts from previous xpac rep grinds and dungeon/raid achievs lol. I've been seriously lazy with AP farming and intend to keep it that way.
I get super bummed/annoyed when/if guys in my guild hit on me. I'm not the "flirty girl in the guild". I'm the "bro-fist" girl. lol.
I have 3 dogs that i adore and I'm semi-obsessive about animal rights and wellfare, though I'm not preachy. I have no human children, just the furry ones.
I smoke cigarettes and drink a beer or two occasionally but i don't smoke pot or do any other drugs and i never get drunk…i'm also not a huge fan of that behavior in other people.
In game, I'm knowledgeable, helpful, friendly and very occasionally…with just the right set of circumstances, can get a pinch impatient (by this i mean quite impatient, lol. i don't deal with dunces well.)
I'm not elitist…..at all. I am a good player though. 😛

Raiding Toon Armory Link: https://worldofwarcraft.com/en-us/character/norgannon/xharaone/pve
Role: Melee DPS
Will you meet our schedule?: Yes
Summary of Raiding Experience: I've been raiding since Wrath. Last xpac and up to 7.1.5 of this xpac, i raided exclusively on my Warlock. When 7.1.5 hit Destro was canned and Affli buffed and i had no desire to play Affli. Sooo…i levelled my Monk and have been loving it. I haven't done any formal raiding at all on my Monk in NH since I left the guild my Warlock was in and kinda took a break from raiding altogether. I will say I'm not into going super hardcore again, which I was on my Warlock….I'm just looking for a casual group of friendly folks, that when we do raid together, are all still just fun humble people while still being atleast minimally skilled lol. 😛