FS APP: Spellbinder -AKA- Sean of Kilrogg

Guild Applications

WHAT … Is your Name? Sean
WHAT … Is your Quest? Normal Raiding (Open to all guildies), Dungeons, Leveling
WHAT … Is your Favorite Color? Black

Armory Link:
Character Name: Spellbinder
Realm: Kilrogg
Main Toon: Yes

Country: Canada
Time Zone: Mountain MST Arizona
Gender: Male
Age: 45

Do you tend to play during our active times (6:30pm-10:30pm)?: Yes
What is your Ventrilo Setup?: Mic + Headset
How involved do you want to be with Fireside?: 4: Very Involved (I’ll drink the kool-aid)
How did you hear about Fireside?:Reddit

Is there anything else you want to add?: I'm a shiftworker working 1 week on and 1 week off alternating nights/days. I would be available for 3 weeks then off for one. I would like to raid a little more seriously but due to my job the commitment just cannot be there. I am currently in a guild that has been taking a break since summer. Although breaks are nice it is a bit too casual for me. I've been playing since vanilla but never raided until TOS. All my friends quit playing so I do play alot solo. I enjoy doing M+ and helping people level etc.

Raiding Toon Armory Link:
Will you meet our schedule?:
Summary of Raiding Experience: