Heroic Team Open Spots!

NimiiFireside News

Our heroic raid team is recruiting!  We’re looking for smart, self driven individuals who would like to be a part of a friendly team and guild.

We are proud to be a guild with a relaxed atmosphere, camaraderie, humor, and respect. Since October 2012, members have found a place by the fire that fits in nicely with their personal, professional, and educational commitments. Kindness, cooperation, support, helpfulness, and humor resonate in Fireside’s guild chat and Discord Voice Chat. We are a small guild and we take pride in having a strong, consistent community of good people. We look forward to spending time together whether we’re talking in Discord Voice Chat while pursuing our own adventures, or grouping up to conquer a raid.

Our Raid Team has the Following Open Spots:

Link to team roster: http://firesideguild.com/raid/

1 Tank – Any

1 Healer – Druid Preferred

Ranged DPS – Any

Melee DPS – Any


Fridays & Saturdays 7:30pm-10:00pm PDT with one week off per month.

We also hold an optional Normal night with the rest of the guild on Wednesdays 7:30pm-9:30pm with one week off per month.


Age 22+

Talk & listen in Discord using a headset (not speakers).

Miss no more than one night a month on a regular basis.

Mains only please – we prefer not to have raiders who are on multiple teams.

We focus on QUALITY over quantity and we want the PERSON not the toon.  We want you to bring you, your main, and your main efforts into our guild. Our ideal member is a good person looking to make some friends in World of Warcraft. Someone who is smart, modest, able to learn, and has a sense of humor. Our ideal member would also be active at the same times as we are (6:00pm-10:00pm Pacific time), and someone who would like to be in Discord Voice Chat with people on a regular basis.


Get in touch with one of our leaders!
Nim (Callafox#1566)
Behrian (Behr#1328)


Please visit our website for more details.