March Guild Update and State of the Guild feat. Frostimourne

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With the end of an expansion comes the lull in the WoW experience.  Our leadership is taking steps to encourage member activity for fun and friendship without pushing further burn out.

The point of our activities at this time is to have fun, to spend time together, to keep the guild running strong, and to prep ourselves for the new expansion.  The following updates and changes are to continue to promote our easy and friendly atmosphere.

Taco Tuesday Night Update:

Taco Tuesdays will continue as they have been – one Taco Tuesday every other week.  We are also adding that every other Taco Tuesday will become Heroes of the Storm night where we spend time in Ventrilo while playing Heroes of the storm in teams.  The schedule will end up looking like this: 1 Taco Tuesday in WoW, 1 Taco Tuesday in HotS, and back and fourth.  It will be a very casual and fun atmosphere.  Heroes of the Storm is extremely easy to get into!

Normal Wednesday Night Raid Update:

For the next few weeks we will be spending our Wednesday Nights doing HFC Normal Achievements.  This means we need our members to come on their mains so that we can focus on meeting the achievement requirements!  Casual member and Heroic Raid Team attendance is highly encouraged for these nights so that everyone can get their mounts!

HRT Temporary Schedule Reduction:

Until the new expansion, Heroic Raid Team Nights have been cut back to just Saturdays 7:30pm-10:30pm.  Once we begin raiding in the new expansion, we will expand back to our normal Fri-Sat Schedule

Challenge Mode Update:

We will begin Challenge modes once again.  There will be at least 2 teams.  1 Team will consist of members who have completed most of the challenge modes with the guild a few months ago and who need to round up the last ones.  The other team will consist of a group who haven’t started the challenge modes yet and need to start from the beginning.

Strict requirements will be placed on participating in silver challenge modes and available slots will be limited as we can only do groups of 5.  We are also limited on tanks, heals, and leaders.  If we have the appropriate build, we may also create a team designed for Challenge Mode Golds If you are interested in trying your hand in leading a challenge mode group, then please alert Saberhawk (Our guild Challenger) or Nimii.

*Skill, patience and a sense of humor are a MUST for challenge modes!

Heroic Raid Team Roster for the New Expansion:

We are collecting a private list of members who would like to join the raid team in the next expansion, and existing members of the team who would like to switch roles in the coming expansion.  We will compile the list as more members express interest and figure out the build that will satisfy everyone’s desired roles and the build that would optimize team build.

We do performance check-ups with each new expansion to make sure our team is evolving with the changes in their classes.  Each member who is already on the team and who wishes to be on the team MUST achieve GOLD PROVING GROUNDS in the LEGION EXPANSION!

If you are interested in joining the team in Legion or switching your role in Legion please let Behradin or Nimii know privately and we will add you to the list!


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