Each Leader and Officer at Fireside has a unique set of responsibilities and area of expertise to help our guild grow. Our player ranks are based on loyalty.  The more a member participates in guild activities and the longer they are with us, the higher their rank becomes.



Barßehrian is Fireside’s primary raid leader, tank lead, and is damn good with a calculator. He specializes in combat and in coaching players through raids, dungeon, and miscellaneous fights to victory.



Nim is Fireside’s director and organizer. She administrates the guild website, organizes the guild, recruits, and serves as the secondary raid leader.



The Caretaker is in charge of Fireside’s member relations.  The Caretaker’s people skills are perfect for acclimating new members to the guild, co-leading special guild events, and keeping our atmosphere friendly and fun.


The Motivator is a tank or a healer who would like to complete the 7 Dungeon Guild Challenges each week. This person will work around the guild schedule and talk with members in guild chat to get our Dungeon Guild Challenge complete for the week.  This position also helps run groups for the Weekend Bonus Events.


We need someone who is ideally a tank or a healer that can lead Mythic+ dungeons.  You can have a regular group of folks you bring along and a few who would like to be switched in here and there.  Must do a Mythic+ night at least once every other week.


If you feel there is a position that the guild could benefit from then please talk to guild leadership about your ideas.


Officers truly want what is best for our guild and want to have active responsibilities to ensure that we keep the fire fueled.  Officers have each approached leadership about their desires for helping the guild and the role they would like to take on.

  • Must adhere to Fireside rules and code of conduct.
  • Online and In-Game at least 4 days a week.
  • Must socialize in guild chat when online.
  • Visit our Discord a few times a week and type in the chat rooms.
  • Must socialize in Discord during events and raids.
  • Must have been a Veteran first.
  • Must be willing to run Mythic+ groups.
  • Must be at least 22 years old.


Champion is the most exalted member of Fireside. Champions have seen many battles with us, fought many raids, and have partied with us till the Yaks come home. We are indebted to our Champions for sticking with us through thick and thin and for making us an important part of their lives!


Raiders are devoted members of our Heroic Raid Team, Murlocalypse.  Raiders have a deep level of commitment to Fireside and are expected to participate in our Raid Team’s schedule close to 100% of the time and to also attend Taco Tuesdays, Normal Nights, and to host their own Mythic Dungeon groups as their schedule allows.  Our Raiders have access to our Raid Team guild bank tab which is stocked with raiding consumables, mats, and other necessities.

  • To be promoted to Raider you need to become a member of our Heroic Raid Team, Murlocalypse.
  • Raiders may be promoted to Champion.


Veterans have shown their loyalty to Fireside through their regular attendance, and contributions to the community. We are thankful for their activity in guild chat and Ventrilo for they are an integral part of the heart of our guild. Veterans have been active members of Fireside for 6 months or more.


Member is a rank that is both revered and appreciated here at Fireside. Members are the lifeblood of the guild and contribute so much to Fireside.

  • To be promoted from Member to Veteran we need to develop a better bond with you, spend time with you in dungeons, raids, parties, and we need to see that you have a passion that burns for Fireside; after 6 months of this kind of membership, you will be considered for a promotion to Veteran.
  • Once you join Fireside, you must declare a main! Once you have done this all of your other toons are more than welcome in the guild and will be put at the rank of Member Alt. You are free to “re-declare” your main any time, just let an Officer or Leader know!


Initiates are our newest members and are welcomed to Fireside with open arms! This is a trial rank so that our Initiates can see if Fireside is a good fit.

We highly recommend you do not transfer servers before passing initiation.  We recommend that you start an alt on our server and then join our scheduled events cross-server on your main.  We recommend that once we get through the initiation period with you, then you can transfer your main to our server!