General Rules

Members must be 18+

We are an 18+ guild for several reasons.  Our primary reason is because we do not want our schedule and your dependability to be affected by parental control.

Mains and Alts

We are a small guild focused on quality over quantity so we prefer to have your main in our guild.  You may also bring as many Alts into the guild as you would like.

Communicate Responsibly

We do not allow any racial slurs, sexism, animal cruelty, drugs, or anything else of this offensive nature.  Just use your best judgment. Absolutely no trolling.  This will only harm the Fireside and server community.

Voice Chat Rules

Discord Information

You will find our invite link in the Guild Info tab in game.

18+ Only In Discord

All participants must be over 18 to be in Discord, no exceptions please.

Headsets Only

When using our Discord please use a headset (NOT SPEAKERS!) and a microphone.  You may also come into Discord to listen and not speak, but we do require those who talk in Discord to use headphones due to the uncomfortable feedback that would otherwise be created.

Clicking In

Please use push to talk in Discord and not voice activated transmission.

Code of Conduct

You Get Out What You Put In
Your guild experience at Fireside will be proportional to the quality and quantity of the effort you put in. A positive attitude, a presence in guild chat and Discord, attending guild events, and putting in the work for the things that you want will get you the best guild experience.
Be Dependable
Dependability is paramount in our guild.  Dependability allows us to be able to work our events into our schedule, it gives us a reason to look forward to something, and it gives us a reason to stick together.
Treat Others With Kindness
Kindness is the backbone to what makes our guild great.  Try to do good deeds for people in guild and out whenever possible.  This will help build our reputation, and it will help both the guild and server communities.
Act With Integrity and Respect
Please show respect and integrity to players both in the guild and out of the guild.  Be respectful when interacting with other players. Show integrity by living up to your promises, being honest in your trading, and by being responsible with our guild bank.

Be a Positive Addition

Positive Addition to Fireside

We are really proud to say that we have OUTSTANDING members at Fireside. We have deep bonds, an interest in each others’ lives, and a strong sense of community. Our friendly atmosphere and close community are extremely important to us. We want to grow in quality with each member who joins and we are very careful about who we let into Fireside. Here are some examples of how you can be a positive addition to Fireside:

  • Get to know and befriend your fellow guildies.
  • Converse in guild chat and Discord
  • Help other guildies.
  • Participate in guild events.
  • Use the guild website and Forums
  • Follow the Rules and Code of Conduct on this page.

Removal From Guild

It is not fun for any of the parties involved when we need to resort to a /gkick at Fireside. Guild Leaders and Officers are trusted to remove any member of the guild if they believe it is for the betterment of our community. We will not hesitate to remove a member with toxic behavior or who is in severe contradiction to the Code of Conduct and Rules on this page. Common transgressions that can lead to removal from Fireside include:

  • Failure to adhere to Rules and Code of Conduct on this page.
  • Removing your main toon from the guild.
  • Participation in Drama.
  • Malicious actions or words towards other members.
  • Extreme negativity.
  • Poor fit for guild community (we need members who can get along with each other).